Why Do Canadian Passports Expire After 5 Years?

October 21, 2009


Here’s a common question we receive all the time…

Q: Why do Canadian Passports only remain valid for 5 years before requiring a renewal? Many other countries permit passport validity for up to 5 years.

A: A few reasons…

Canadian passports are highly sought after pieces of government documentation and they have a tendency to be high on the list of requested pieces for organizations or individuals who specialize in fake passport fabrication. One of Passport Canada’s deterrents to passport forgery is the 5 year cap, which increases their ability to more effectively introduce new security features into the passport process to reduce fraud (i.e. photo recognition standards). As well, we all get older, and as a result, our appearances will change, not to mention in some cases our names, locations, and personal information. The 5 year validity is an effective way to keep up with this.

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  1. isent pport by usps on july 7-have proof-its now aug 13 and nobody can (or will) tell me stats and when ill get it back=this has cost nearly 1500 dollars due to flight canc.etc=OH CANADA NO LONGER MY HOME AND NATIVE LAND

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