Change To Birth Certificate Requirements

January 11, 2011

Effective February 11th, 2011 – Passport Canada will no longer be accepting hospital issued birth certificates as supplemental for applications for your Canadian passport.

Only the following proof of citizenship documents will be accepted to support a general or child’s passport application:

  • “Birth certificate” issued by a provincial or territorial vital statistics agency;
  • “Certificate of birth” issued by a provincial or territorial vital statistics agency;
  • “Certificat de naissance” issued by a provincial or territorial vital statistics agency; or
  • “Certificate of citizenship” issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you’re intending to travel – these administrative changes must be taken into account. As a resource to our customers, we list the Canadian Vital Statistics offices – by province – in our Help section.

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One Reply to “Change To Birth Certificate Requirements”

  1. Can I renew my Canadian passport at any passport offices in Quebec given that my address is in Montreal. Can I renew in Pointe Claire, or Laval, Quebec, as examples? I will have a Canadian credit card to pay.
    Is the electronic passport for 5 or 10 years available
    at this time or soon (i.e. before October 2012?)
    How much is the e renewal?
    Can I pick up the new passport at the same office I renewed my old passport? Does it take 2 weeks to process? Do I need to phone the passport office to find out if the new passport has arrived or do they send people like me an Email to tell me the passport is ready?
    Thank you. Marielle Bourgeois, Montreal H2W 2H6

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