Dual Citizen’s Birth Certificate Discrepancy Leads To Passport Renewal That Could Take Two Years.

July 2, 2018

Elizabeth Oakley’s Pennsylvanian birth certificate says 1965 instead of 1966.

As per CTV, a woman with dual citizenship could be waiting until 2020 to get a new Canadian passport. She’s been living and working in Canada for decades, was married here, and went to school here. She’s had a Canadian passport for years and this was supposed to be a simple renewal. When she decided to take a trip last November, she thought applying for a new passport would be a simple process. After sending in her application with her proof of citizenship, Oakley received a letter from the government indicating that processing times for applications like hers could be up to 5 months. It also noted inconsistencies in her application that could delay the process for up to 24 months – namely a mistake on her birth certificate. It said 1965 instead of the correct year of her birth as listed on her passport, which was 1966. The inconsistency between her application and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) records will apparently take two years to fix.

…this is somehow going to take 2 years because this has hit a different level of bureaucracy.

–Elizabeth Oakley

Her calls, letters, and emails to federal government have gone unanswered.
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