Passport Canada Local office are closed down Due to COVID-19

July 20, 2020

Due to ongoing concerns related to the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19), Passport Canada has reduced the current passport services by closing down the local passport services with Service Canada as well as the passport services offices, until further notice.

How to Get a Passport from Canadian Passport Offices in the COVID-19 Process

If you are living in the USA and need a Canadian passport to travel, meet U.S. residency or work permit requirements, your only option is to apply by mail.

If you need a Passport in a hurry you can apply for an urgent processing.  You must have a valid reason such as:

  • for a medical reason, because you have a serious illness
  • because of the serious illness or death of someone in your family
  • because you’ll have financial problems from the loss of a job or business
  • to support an essential service
  • For humanitarian reasons but you need a letter from your organization listing the humanitarian reasons.

You may be asked to provide proof of emergency travel.  The loss of airfare or other travel expenses is not a reason for urgent travel.

Passport Program office in Gatineau continue to issue Canadian passport with a reduced capacity.  The Priority is given to Canadian in need of Passport for an urgent need.

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