Canadian Passport Photo! Biometric Photo Requirement for Canadian Passport Renewal or Obtaining…

October 22, 2020

Canadian Passport Pictures Biometric Requirement!

One of the most common reasons Canadian passport and citizenship applications are rejected is due to improperly produced photos. This is especially true in the United States where many applicants assume that the biometric requirements for Canadian photos are the same as American ones or go to a photographer who is inexperienced in taking pictures specific to Canadian standards. Even the smallest deviation from what the Passport Program expects of a photo, including facial expressions, lighting issues, or angle slights, will result in a rejection of your application and could put your entire travel plans in jeopardy.

This is exactly why so many of our clients have found our photo assessment service, which is included in our service fees, to be so helpful and stress relieving. We use our database of reliable photography studios to find the best location nearest to you and will also review your pictures right after you take them to make sure they are up to the necessary standards. We also conduct a secondary review of your photos before the completed application is sent in to ensure that there is not even the slightest problem with how your photos are presented. Why wait to be rejected? Sign up with our service today to make your application as easy and timely as possible.

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