What is the Guarantor for Passport Purchase? Why is the guarantor of passport so important?

October 30, 2020

What is a guarantor and why are they so important?

A guarantor is an individual from a specific set of professions who have known you for a certain number of years and can verify your identity. All Canadian passport application forms will require you to retrieve the signature of someone who can act as your guarantor, however, for those applying from outside of the United States through form PPT 153 the guarantor must also be a valid Canadian passport holder who has known you for at least two (2) years. If you do not know such a person there are alternatives available but you will need to fill out a completely different application form with the code PPT 132. Because of a recent decision by the Department of Foreign Affairs, this form is only available by telephone or a Passport Canada service location within Canada. Always make sure you are filling out the form that corresponds to the kind of guarantor you will be asked to provide or you seriously face being rejected and having your travel plans delayed.

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