Lost or Stolen Canadian Passports and Prevention Way

November 16, 2020

A Canadian passport is the most valuable and important piece of government-issued identification for Canadian living outside of Canada.  However, Canadian passports are also amongst the five most popular targets for smugglers and criminal organizations because of how widely they are accepted internationally. Thus, you should be extremely mindful of your own passport when overseas as loss or theft is not as uncommon as you may believe.  Here are 4 important passport tips to keep in mind when traveling overseas:

  1. Make two photocopies of your passport before your travel – Leave one with a relative or friend and take the other with you, keeping the copy separate from the original.
  2. Make a scan copy of your passport – the page with your information & Pages with important valid visas – Keep the scan copy in your cellphone for an easy access
  3. Be aware of where your passport is at all times – Keep it in your hand luggage or in a zipped pocket. Know where your passport is always so that it can be produced promptly when asked for.
  4. Do not leave your passport in the pocket in front of your seat in an airplane – many Canadians lose their passport by living it in the pocket in front of the seat in an airplane. As soon as you entered the plane, you should place your passport in your hand luggage or in a zipped pocket.
  5. Be careful if you are asked to surrender your passport – While some foreign officials may ask for your passport, as may some hotels, check with your travel operator, or the Canadian Consulate whether this is a standard procedure.
  6. Should your passport be stolen or lost while abroad, report it to the local police and get in touch with the nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy for further advice – you should not wait for more than a day looking for it, if it is lost, you should immediately contact your consulate as the process of sorting out your legal options can be quite lengthy.
  7. If you lost your Canadian passport in the USA or Canada – You should call Passport Program at (800) 567 – 6868 to report your passport lost or stolen.
  8. Once you report a passport lost or stolen, it is no longer valid – If you find your passport, you cannot use it for travel. This is to make sure that it is not used for fraudulent purposes. You will have problem at border crossings if you try to use a passport that has been reported lost or stolen.




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