Adult passport

I need a Canadian passport.

As a Canadian citizen, you need a Canadian adult passport to travel abroad or to gain re-entry into the United States.

You should choose this option if:

  • You don’t have a Canadian Passport
  • Your Canadian Passport expired more than one year ago
  • You need to change your current passport information

This application requires a guarantor. A guarantor is a person other than yourself who confirms your identity, has known you for more than two years, and lives in Canada or the United States. When it comes to a guarantor you have three options – please make sure you’ve selected the correct one.

  1. Canadian guarantor Must hold a valid Canadian Passport.
  2. Professional guarantor Must be a member of one of the designated professions identified by Passport Canada.
  3. No guarantor: Must complete Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (form PPTC 132) at a Passport Canada office.

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