Name change

I need to change my name.

If your name has changed on your identification documents (government-issued identification cards) you need this to be reflected on your passport.

This is essential to avoid awkward and unnecessary complications when travelling. To change your name on your passport you must apply for a new passport and pay the applicable fees – even if your current passport is still valid. Our passport experts will work to ensure that your Canadian passport name change is done effectively to avoid rejection, delays, hassles, and headaches. We’re here to help!

This application requires a guarantor. A guarantor is a person other than yourself who confirms your identity, has known you for more than two years, and lives in Canada or the United States. When it comes to a guarantor you have three options – please make sure you’ve selected the correct one.

  1. Canadian guarantor Must hold a valid Canadian Passport.
  2. Professional guarantor Must be a member of one of the designated professions identified by Passport Canada.
  3. No guarantor: Must complete Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (form PPTC 132) at a Passport Canada office.

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