Start the application review process
  • 1 Tell us which type of application you need help with
  • 2 Make your payment and download the forms
  • 3 Fill in the forms and send them to us
  • 4 We’ll return the forms within 24 hours with our comments and advice
  • 5 We’ll send you information about a photographer in your area that specializes in taking Canadian passport photos
  • 6 You’ll courier your documents to Passport Canada

How Our Service Works

  • We provide fast, knowledgeable consultation and assessment services regarding Canadian passport applications – getting them done right, the first time.
  • We ensure your application meets the urgency requirements to get your passport application processed.
  • We ensure all application information is complete and correctly entered and assist you with completing the forms.
  • First you fill out your application and then upload it securely to our site through your own private account. We review your application to the exact specifications and standards that Passport Canada adheres to — ensuring it will be processed without delay.
  • We return your application within 24 hours with any necessary changes and/or comments via email. We provide you with the support and knowledge you need to get your passport quickly and efficiently — without hassles or headaches!
  • Most importantly – we review your Canadian passport photos. Simply provide your photos in an electronic format via our service tool once you’ve signed up, and we sign off prior to your submission to ensure conformance to Passport Canada’s standards.
  • Comprehensive and full review of all of your Canadian Passport Application or renewal documentation and photos. Our testimonials speak for themselves. We are your personal Canadian Passport Application experts.

Our Fees

Our flat-rate fee for consulting services is $99.
Please note that this does not include any government fees related to the actual processing of your application.