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  • 2 Make your payment and download the forms
  • 3 Fill in the forms and send them to us
  • 4 We’ll return the forms within 24 hours with our comments and advice
  • 5 We’ll send you information about a photographer in your area that specializes in taking Canadian passport photos
  • 6 You’ll courier your documents to Passport Canada

We are your personal Canadian Passport application and renewal specialists

At Canada Passport Help we take a great deal of pride in assisting you with the application or renewal of what we consider to be the most important piece of government issued identification you can have: your Canadian passport. We offer Canadian passport application assessments and photo review services to ensure that the submission of your Canadian passport application or renewal is approved. There are no wait times with Canada Passport Help, no long tedious lineups, and no take-a-number service. We make the process easy and stress-free from the comfort of your home or office so you can plan your travel without being at the mercy of a potential rejection. Our industry leading service is one-of-a-kind and covers the 5 different services related to your Canadian passport requirements. For our $99 fee you receive:

  • A detailed review and assessment of your Canadian passport application or Canadian passport renewal application
  • A detailed review and assessment of the photos you’ve had taken for your Canadian passport application
  • Consultation on the assembly of the required components of your application prior to submission via post or courier
  • Your own personal Canadian passport specialist to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have while completing the application or renewal process

Read our testimonials to find out why our customers have relied on us to maintain their travel plans and save them the headache of an unexpected and inconvenient rejection by Passport Canada. Let us take the stress and unpredictability out of the application or renewal of your Canadian passport.