Obtain or renew your Canadian passport easy and stress-free.

We guide you through the process, give you the resources needed, and ensure your application is correct and complete. Quickly and efficiently.

Why use Canada Passport Help?

More than 50% of the Canadian Passport applications submitted by Canadian citizens residing in the U.S. are rejected. This leads to unnecessary and costly travel delays and cancellations.

We will assist you with filling out the proper application forms

We identify a qualified photographer in your area

We review your photos and forms prior to submission

We guarantee our service and that your application will be approved.

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Thousands of satisfied customers

I am so thankful that I found your service. I had all of my questions answered regarding the process and your people’s review of my application was thorough and yielded a few items I had the chance to fix. It’s like having your own personal passport coach. For $99 it was worth it. I also got my passport back within 2 weeks. Thank you so much!

Michel Lafrenniere South Carolina

Why do Canadians living in the U.S. choose us?

Photo Awareness

Most U.S.-based commercial photographers aren’t aware of Passport Canada’s biometric photography standard. We are.


No long phone wait times or automatic answering service that you need to yell “Agent” to. We’re here for you 24/7. We are your personal Canadian Passport coaches and are available to answer all of your questions immediately – via phone, email or our contact form.

Avoid Travel Delays

An application rejection by Passport Canada could result in your passport delivery being delayed by a minimum of 3 months and maybe a lot longer.

We Make It Easy

We cut the red tape and make the experience seamless. We simplify the forms process, your photos, and the remittance to Passport Canada.


Our customers trust us – and that’s as important as the service we provide. We are registered with the Better Business Bureau and employ SSL encryption on our website. Securing and protecting our customers’ information is priority one.

No Application Rejection

We guarantee our service and that you will receive your Canadian passport quickly and efficiently.

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